Rami aldabas asked journalist almomani about israeli peace agreements

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Rami al dabass amman

Israel today

Modar al-Momani is a Middle East journalist residing in Jerusalem: “The Israeli peace agreements were expected, and the Israeli government’s pursuit of peace with Arab and Islamic countries has been clear for a long time. Indeed, the Israelis have now succeeded in establishing direct and individual peace agreements with several Arab countries. I personally, together with many intellectuals, politicians and businessmen support peace with Israel and we want, and even need, peace in our region. We were hoping for a comprehensive and just peace, and for a unanimous decision from the Arab side to make peace with Israel, and not just some countries. The State of Israel should strive for a permanent peace with all Arab states.


Palestinians protest against normalization between Israel and the United Arab Emirates
The Israeli-Palestinian conflict needs to end, and it is the most difficult to resolve. But few really believe it can happen. To be realistic, recent peace agreements with the Emirates and others are no different from previous agreements enjoying popular acceptance. These peace agreements have been signed in order to bring prosperity to the people in the region, but will they lead us to a lasting, comprehensive and just peace, or to more disputes and conflicts that we do not wish for and do not want here. This question falls on the shoulders of the Israeli politicians. How will use these agreements to bring about a just and comprehensive peace in the region, particularly with respect to the Palestinians? The peace agreement with the UAE will not excuse the Israelis from a peace agreement with the Palestinians. The Israelis understand that the UAE will not impose a peace with the Palestinians. The peace of the Emirates is a commercial and economic peace, nothing more.

In general, we hope that these recent agreements will lead us to expand the circle of peace to reach our region, and that the peoples will enjoy lasting peace


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موسى باشا العدوان -المنتصف

هل كانت برقية عجلون ستجنبنا هزيمة حرب حزيران ؟..بقلم موسى العدوان

هل كانت برقية عجلون ستجنبنا هزيمة حرب حزيران ؟..بقلم موسى العدوان صحيفة المنتصف تصادف هذه …

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